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Social media marketing (SMM)

Enew Soft Solutions is the ultimate Social Media Marketing (SMM) Agency. With us, you get to create a buzz for your business among your target customers on various social platforms.
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Our love for social media gets doubled each second. Our company will exactly give what you are asking from us, the apt SMM services! Let us not bore you, will come straight to the point!
Here we know, not all sites are apt for your business, we give our time to identify the network where your visitors visit the maximum and execute our social media marketing services thereupon.

What we provide ?

  • We provide Facebook Marketing

    The most visited social media site on the internet, Facebook is surely not going go anywhere. Enew Soft Solutions make the most of it. We, being you, get connected to the huge audience so that they get a know about your brands and share their experiences with you. We use this strong marketing instrument to give out various SMM services like client interaction, brand enhancement and reach expansion. The first step is designing your business page, putting appropriate cover and profile images. The second step is making an appealing page that is easily found on all search engines. Then comes scheduling both generic and special posts, advertising the brand and products and monitoring targeted users involvement to your page. Lastly, a feedback section where your audience gets to put in their ideas and recommendations for a better business in future.

  • We provide Twitter Marketing

    Twitter is the new social network where you can get a buzzing business. Want to but wondering how? No worries, with Enew, it is possible now! With us, you move towards increasing your business prospects with the help of these social media marketing services. You aware your clients about your brand. Through Twitter, we let you build trust with your customers and engage in having a personal connectivity. SMM services here include opening customized Twitter profile page with cover image. Conduct consultation sessions to know the ways of best-buying twitter marketing for your company. Get a good number of loyal followers without buying followers. Build a twitter marketing strategy involving content, posts and monitoring social reputation.

  • We provide Linkedin Marketing

    This popular searched professional network, gives you the chance to get in more traffic, hire qualified students for your business growth and contribute to revenue generation. Joining with Enew, you can now connect with new prospective customers and gain more new opportunities. With Linkedin, we offer social media services which can establish your business to new heights. Those services include content sharing, getting into group discussions and communicating with professionals. This social platform can make you choose the right talent for your business to achieve profits. First priority under Linkedin marketing strategy is to develop a LinkedIn profile page with links to other websites attached to yours for future engagement. Then we move on to creating a one-to-one phone training with your business consultants so that they guide you to have an effective Linkedin marketing strategy for your business. Lastly, we pay attention to socially monitor your business page by looking into the contents, image posts.

  • We provide Instagram Marketing

    Instagram is one such social media site through which Enew Soft Solutions tend to provide services for your business expansion but with a different marketing strategy. As the site only considers visuals, we strike out specific plans to gather traffic and build a good reputation of your website. At first, we determine your target Instagram visitors. Then, we make an analysis of your competitors Instagram profiles as to see what images they are posting. The rule is about six images per week. Lastly, we focus on making a consistent brand image on your Instagram profile so that the audience gets acquainted with your company much faster.

  • We provide Pinterest Marketing

    Pinterest is called as the discovery network where you tell your clients what your business is all about. This social media site is basically an online bulletin board where users can organize attractive food, home, decoration, travel, art and craft and clothes images. The social media marketing services that Enew offers, gives you the chance to make your target users know about your business by pinning your brand and product images and also lets you interact with the users. We let users directly pin your brand’s images, products to their own profile and also share with others.

  • We provide Social Media Optimization

    SMO is an important segment for your website rankings on the SERPs. At Enew, we generate publicity for your business through a number of communities and outlets so as to increase the awareness of your business among your target audience. Through SMO, we aim to gather more and more of web traffic through blogs, image posts. We implement your business online reputation, which means that if any visitor posts anything bad about your website, the SMO will not let this negative feedback appear at the top among all the links in the search engine results.

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