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Search engine marketing (SEM)

Enew Soft Solutions, a PPC agency includes search engine marketing service in its wide range of intangible products. Gaining web traffic is the new fight going on the internet between various companies.
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Search Engine Marketing is the new trend today in gaining traffic online by buying online ads on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing. The focus of this service lies in increasing the online presence of a particular website on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). How does this happen? The promotion makes it possible. Using SEM, we develop your website keeping the considerations of various search engines into account. Keyword marketing also called pay per click advertising (PPC), is noted for a website to get noticed on the SERP. The advertisers bid on specific keywords to ensure that ads appear with the search engine links.
This PPC management company in India has attained a good position based on the factual reports that it provides to its customers. Our search engine marketing services not only pay attention to keyword search but also use algorithms to give the relevant result to our clients. Client's location, type of device, the operating system they are working upon, the user's identity and preferences are even taken into concern.
After all, the better the search algorithm, the happier is the user with the search result.
Search Engine Marketing is nothing but an overall cover that brings visitors to our client's website through a search engine. It is a cover that includes both free and paid traffic. Among all the search engine advertising is pay per click (PPC) which is the most common form. These PPC services are the links to the right side of the Google search results page. At the same time, the other forms need not be overlooked.

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What we provide ?

  • We provide Search Ads

    Search Advertising (Ads), called paid search advertising. Google advertising and search engine marketing is one of the procedure of digital marketing that enables online advertisements on the different search engine results. If you opt for Search ads, you need to incur a small fee every time somebody clicks on your particular paid online ad. This is nothing but pay per click advertising. Our PPC management company makes sure that more and more visitors click your ad on your website. Search ads are definitely a strong advertising form because people who look up in Google intend to reveal every detail of what they want to search or buy online. What the advertisers or the businessmen do is that they bid on specific keywords so that their ads appear on the SERPs when visitors look for related information on Google or other search engines for that matter.

  • We provide Display Ads

    A display ad or a banner ad, either way, you call it, is another form of an online paid ad created in the form of an image or a photo and a copy. Visitors click on that particular display ad and its copy to land upon the related landing page. Even if they have a copy attached to the image, these display or banner ads are different from text ads as the former do not appear on the search engine results. Rather, they are located on websites having some animation to hold the user's attention to that website. Our PPC company provides high-quality display ads under search engine marketing services for our users. Like for example; any online shopping site may have its user added something to his or her cart and then leave the site without purchasing, these display ads, then advertise those particular items of his or her cart so that the user is constantly reminded of it and he or she purchases that leftover item

  • We provide Re-marketing Ads

    Re-marketing of advertisements shows targeted ads to viewers who have already visited your website or have used your mobile application. This PPC service enables users to see the ads while web browsing, watching YouTube videos or while reading articles on news sites. In case of online shopping sites, when the viewers leave your website without any purchase, re-marketing lets you reconnect with your users by showing them related ads on their different user devices. Re-marketing is also called re-targeting that increases your conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) because the visitors who are familiar with your brand become regular customers to your website. If you have already put an ad on Google, all you need to do is add a small Google re-marketing code called tag or pixel to your website so that visitors get added to the re-marketing target audience with the use of browser cookies. These codes can be different for different pages.

  • We provide Video Ads

    Ads which appear on AdSense sites called video advertisements (ads) that come under PPC management services in India. They appear when an advertiser chooses to display photo ads using a supported d size. You can purchase video ad inventory on the basis of clicks and impressions. You can then see how your video ads work on various video inventory on an RPM basis. The working procedure of a video ad is quite simple to understand.

  • We provide App-Installs

    This feature under search engine marketing services lets your users to install your website app directly from your advertisement. Such ads contain ad icons, description text and an app store rating across Google search and display networks. These ads include links to an app store.